Vaccine Mythbuster

Some experience mild side effects. Serious side effects are rare. Talk to your doctor for more information.

Myth: Vaccines will make you sick.

Getting vaccinated helps protect you and your community, giving the disease less chances to spread.

Myth: If everyone else is immune, I don’t need the vaccine.

Most vaccines use either weakened or inactivated forms of viruses or bacteria that cannot cause the disease. While some vaccines may cause mild, short-term side effects, they cannot give you the full-blown illness they are designed to prevent.

Myth: Vaccines give you the disease they are meant to protect against.

While natural infection may provide immunity to some diseases, it comes at the cost of potentially severe complications and even death. Vaccines are specifically designed to stimulate the immune system without causing the disease, offering protection with significantly lower risks than natural infection.

Myth: Natural immunity is better than vaccine-induced immunity.

Vaccines do not alter a person’s DNA. mRNA vaccines, for example, work by providing instructions to the body’s cells to produce a harmless piece of the virus to trigger an immune response. This response helps the immune system recognize and fight the actual virus if exposed to it later. The mRNA never enters the nucleus of the cell where DNA is located, so there is no genetic modification.

Myth: Vaccines can alter your DNA.

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