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Michigan Updated COVID-19 Animated Explainer Videos

The explainer videos were created to help uninsured and underinsured individuals find no cost COVID-19 vaccines. There are 2 Michigan specific videos available in English, English with subtitles, Spanish, and Spanish with English subtitles (which is useful for communities with mixed English and Spanish speaking individuals).  These videos all use horizontal/landscape orientation and range from about 60-90 seconds. 

  • Why Should We Get the Updated COVID-19 Vaccine provides information about the latest version of the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • How Can the Uninsured Get the Updated COVID-19 vaccine at No Cost explains how Michigan residents who are uninsured or underinsured can get an updated COVID-19 vaccine for no cost through the Bridge Access Program. 

Listen to the Science Series

This public service announcement (PSA) campaign highlights pioneering Black scientists and encourages individuals to “listen to the science” on vaccines.  The campaign uses a Hip-hop music video format with local Michigan rap artist Keonta Thomas, a.k.a. Ke5th (“Keith Fifth”) contributing lyrics and vocals.

There are four versions of the Michigan “Listen to the Science” video ranging from 45 seconds to 2 minutes and 32 seconds in duration, with three videos using vertical/portrait orientation, and one using horizontal/landscape orientation.  The videos all are in English with English subtitles.

Black Pioneers in Science Series 

This series highlights the accomplishments of Imhotep (The First Physician), Dr. Charles Drew (Blood Bank Pioneer), Percy Julian (Bio-chemical Genius), Jewel Plummer Cobb (Cancer Researcher), Vivien Thomas (Heart Surgeon), and Michigan’s own Dr. Alexa Canady (First Black Woman Neurosurgeon). These videos range from 40 seconds to 2 minutes in length and emphasize scientific achievements in the Black community. 

COVID Conversations:  This award winning, four-part video series features Baltimore’s own Sir Alex and Dr. Oboh in community conversations about COVID vaccination.  

Baltimore Speaks, This 15-minute short film addresses the connection between historical medical mistreatment of Black people in Baltimore and the resulting present-day mistrust for medical systems. It features Baltimore residents, medical professionals, and community leaders who discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Baltimore’s Black community and the reasons why they got vaccinated. 

A Little Off the Top – VAXXED UP! This animated digital short (7 minutes) combines elements of narrative and documentary to tell the story of a group of Black and Latino barbers, as they offer words of encouragement to a vaccine skeptical teen customer. 

Me Vacuno Porque, This three-episode visual podcast (5 minutes each), aims to build trust through personal stories and interviews with Hispanic/Latino community members and leaders in  North Carolina explaining why they got vaccinated. These resources are in Spanish with English subtitles.  

Well, This short film (16 minute), depicts the story of one Black American family through 50 years as they fight to stay healthy amidst three different crises. Through the Tuskegee Experiment, the Flint Water Crisis, and now COVID-19, the family has survived endless obstacles to their health. After losing a loved one to COVID-19, the family must reckon with the harm and distrust that has permeated their family for decades. 

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